Had a Childhood Tragedy You Have Forgotten About? or ‘thought you had…

Lets say when you were 5 years old you suffered a terrible accident and it caused you to lose your sight. You proceed with life the best you could and do a very admirable job of raising a family and having as much a normal life as you could without the handicap….actually, you had been without sight for so long, you couldn’t even imagine the physical sense of it. Then one day you see something too good to be true..you see a way you can have your sight restored! You are at first thrilled and begin your treatment for healing right away.

Then as you become more aware of how to bring sight back into your life, you suddenly realize something else which begins to bother you….what did you find out?
You found out that this treatment for you to get better has been available for almost 40 years. Why didn’t you ever hear of it? It jars you because you spent so many years of your life without sight and now you hear you could have experienced so much more of your children’s experiences, your relationships, your work experiences and setbacks, nearly everything you experienced could have been different.

What I have just described is what happens when an emotionally deprived individual becomes aware that he or she is incapable of truly sharing their emotions because of the way they were raised. It is something that they are actually blind to because you ‘don’t know what you are missing’ if you have never experienced it.

You can imagine how it might feel, and that is pretty much what an emotionally deprived individual will do…they grow up imagining what it feels like and don’t realize the shortage of a connection until they reach a point of self-assessment and can begin to inventory what they don’t have.

Yes, it can be very sad, even though finding out what they lack will lead to their freedom, they may underestimate the amount of healing and therapy they really need. The effort will be worth every tear, every newly found emotion, it will be worth it. The one thing that they will never fear again is what ‘someone thinks’ about them, which is often a main cause that some of the unknowing victims have always stayed out of the limelight…they feared the rejection of others that could possibly occur.

Healing and help lead to recovery and you can find out more about this at a site with which I have no connection to, in fact, I myself have been greatly helped by the books that I was able to purchase there, but have never spoken with anyone associated with the website, but do go and find out how you could help either yourself or a loved one. http://ConradBaars.com It is in helping others that we ourselves are helped. God bless you and I hope this information can lead to your healing and your freedom!


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  1. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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