We Become So Much More When We Can Emotionally Connect With Another

There is such a large difference between those people with little or no emotional connection as compared to people who do have emotional attachments to people…of course, I am not just referring to ‘family’. I am referring to people we see in the store, people we see when we go to church, or school, or at our place of employment.

Having formerly been a person with little or no emotional connection with anyone I see and now ‘feel’ the difference.

Before, I might be polite and courteous speaking with someone but inside what the other person was telling me was not ‘registering’ with me inside. It may have been going into my brain and I may have been able to remember what we had talked about and may have even included hearing about a personal struggle the other person was having and I could say ‘I’ll pray for you’, knowing intellectually that would be a good response, an appropriate response, but…did I really ‘sense’ or ‘feel’ the pain or trial the person may have been going through? No I didn’t.

I have seen so many more answers to my prayers by being able to emotionally connect with others. I don’t know how else to explain it other than when we pray to God our Father, in the name of His Son Jesus, we are making ourselves extensions of Jesus’s great love which He has for ALL of us. He healed EVERYONE that came to Him….except….yes there were exceptions, and He was made to sorrow over every exception. The exceptions were people from where He grew up. People who watched Him grow up with Mary and Joseph. People who must have said to themselves ‘he is just that scrawny kid whose parents left him in Jerusalem for 3 days all by himself when he was only 12 years old! what an awful thing to do to a child…forget him for 3 days like that…

Believe me, I wish I did not know any other parents who judge their own parenting by counting up all of the other parents failures. The very sad thing is that we are not to judge another and when it comes to parenting, the Catholic Catechism is by far the best handbook for any family to have for wonderful guidance, selecting a ‘family model’ that they choose to emulate.

The people who did ‘not’ get healed by Jesus were those who did not ‘believe’ in Him. You must have faith to please God 1, and You must also believe how good God is because He is; if you don’t believe, that it is too bad because God CANNOT deny Himself. He is total love, total goodness, and total truth. When we believe anything less, it is ourselves who are ‘restricting’ God’s healing or good intentions He has for us, not God.

You want or need a special healing from God?

First, believe it! Of course God wants to heal you!

There is a role for suffering in the Christian life, but that doesn’t mean God wants you to suffer with a disease or condition!

If you think He wants you to suffer that way, guess what? What choices are you really giving God to help you?

Only one..you will suffer because thats what you think God wants you to do.

Again, He cannot deny Himself and your own ‘faith’ if you want to call it that, is that He wants you to suffer. Praise God!

Give Him a choice to help you!

Of course He wants to heal you! Be expectant. Be confident in His mercy. His power to heal. His love for you! He doesn’t want you to suffer! If thats the God you think you know than thats why you are suffering…but I’m sad to say perhaps needlessly.

You may think its an act of courage to suffer and we all want to be courageous, but that is not what God necessarily wants you to do! Get over it.

God wants to heal you! Your time of suffering might come but it will be filled with joy, because you will know and realize that the great ‘joy’ in suffering is how powerful it is before God when we offer our sufferings up for other people….their salvation, their relationship with God, their journey.

It shows we care and it is more similar to Christ’s suffering which He endured for us.

God wants to heal you. God wants you to be filled with happiness and love for Him because He loves you.

You may be covering up your own lack of faith and understanding by accepting a disease or condition as ‘something that God wants you to have or suffer with’.


The only reason that God will bring good from a disease or sickness you have is this: 1.) draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Is there something in your life that is ‘offensive’ to God? Again, review the Ten Commandments and what wisdom and advice is notated in The Catechism of the Catholic Church…don’t leave home without it…get a copy as soon as you can it will change your life and understanding. Is there something that you think you are ‘hiding’ from God or that its okay because everyone else seems to be doing it, and they haven’t been ‘struck by lightning’ yet…well, not that you know of.

Want healing? Examine your conscience.

2.) Ready to receive God’s healing? You know He wants you to be healed, you are working to remove all obstructions that could be hindering God from healing you, so approach God in His mercy and His love with that approach. He will heal you and you will fall in love with Him even more….and your understanding of Him will grow. Just understand, the reason God doesn’t heal everybody today is not because He doesn’t WANT to, its because people ‘limit’ God or ‘restrain’ God by their own lack of faith…and as we all must know, God cannot deny Himself…He is all loving, all good, all merciful, all forgiving, and all truth…and please, let me know if I can pray for you.


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